Paws and Pamper Proudly serves: Missoula area, I offer pet care customized for your pet"s, including the following services:
I offer quality and loving PET SITTING SERVICES for your furry friends while you are away from home.

You will never have to worry about your pets when they are left in the care of a competent caregiver,

a licensed and insured pet professional from Paws and Pamper will be their for you and your Fur Baby. 

Introduction Visit - Meet and Great 

How Our Service Works
When you call our company, a staff member arranges a visit to your home shortly before you leave.

This is so we can meet you and your pets, get detailed information about caring for them and pick up a key to your home or apartment.

During this visit, you decide how often you want your sitter to visit each day you’re away and what services you want performed.

Fees are based on the number and type of pets and the number of visits per day.

You can leave home with peace of mind knowing that you’ve left your home and pet in our good hands.

It's important to get your Meet and greet booked so I know their something coming up on the calender.

Benefits Pet Sitting 
Why use a
Professional pet sitter?
No Travel Trauma. Your pet won’t be upset and you won’t be inconvenienced by the need for transportation to a kennel or boarding facility.
No Interruptions. Your pet will stay right at home and enjoy its familiar surroundings, exercise routines, toys, mealtimes and much more.
No Stress for you and your furry family members!

Extra's Done Just in Love 
Feeding and washing pet food dishes
Fresh water on each visit
Short Walks
Scooping litter boxes
If requested, texts and pictures for each visit to let you will know how your Kritters are doing!

* When Doing Over Night Care I request you do a extra walk for the Health of your Fur baby. at a discounted rate. 
No charge as a part of the initial visit. I require two Key's at time of service.

If you leave town with Pet sitter with only one Key Paws and Pamper will make a spare and charge it to your bill. 

Benefits of Dog Walking 

Benefits to Exercising your dog:

 Keeps your pet  healthy
 Helps with weight control
 Helps the digestive system
 Reduces destructive behavior
 Reduces hyperactivity
 Reduces unruly behavior
 Reduction in attention seeking behavior such as barking and/or whining
 Helps pet build confidence if your dog is timid or fearful of other dogs, people,

cars and other normal outside activities.

 Do you need a dog walker because you work long hours at work and feel bad that your dog is left alone all that time?
Paws and Pamper  can help you with that!

On average adult dogs need to go to the bathroom at least every 8 hours so if you work long hours having a

professional dog walker who stops by mid-day is a great option for you and your dog.

Not only is it important to give your dog the opportunity to go to the bathroom,

but dogs require between 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise each day (amount of exercise depends on breed, age and personality)

so we are happy to help.

 When it is too cold or too hot to be outside for an extended period of time, don’t worry your dog walker can keep the fun going on inside

your home where your pet will be safe from the inclement weather. Dogs not only require physical exercise but also mental exercise.

There are a variety of games and enrichment activities that we can engage your dog in that will keep your dog happy and healthy.



Pet Sitting 

Make your Pet sitting or Dog Walking Appointment Today !  

We Have a Pet Sitter !

All Holiday 's are $10 extra

Holiday's include- Memorial  Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July 

Please call us at least four days before you’re scheduled to leave town. During holidays and summer months it’s best to give at least a week’s notice.

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