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R.I.C.E  is the western way to treat sports related muscle injuries 





Animal Massage 

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 Certified Sports Massage Services 


Canine Sports Massage & Therapeutic Massage 

 Canine Sports Massage
Creates Balance: Teaching body to work as one, instead of as a single limb

Assists in balancing the body by treating the body as a whole,

rather than each individual part .
Relieves Pain and Discomfort.-reduces inflammation and swelling in the joints,
thereby alleviating pain .
         Increases muscle health, giving range of motion. 

      Stimulates Circulation- By "defrosting the frozen  muscle" thereby releasing ENDORPHINS -

        natural pain killers. Improved  circulation also increases the excretion of toxins  through the skin 
Helps the body utilize food, water, exercise and sleep.
Gives acceptance to touch.

Improves Blood and Lymph Circulation
It stimulates blood circulation which then increases the amount of oxygen that reaches tissue and flushes out toxins and waste. 
Gives Puppies a sense of where their Paws are!.- Creating Balance: Teaching body to work as one, instead of as a single limb
Assists in balancing the body by treating the body as a whole, Gives acceptance to touch.
Eases Aching Muscles
Just as humans feel a lot of relief to their aching muscles after a good massage, the same happens to your dog.
Helps the body utilize food, water, exercise and sleep.

           Grooming Can Be Stressful Let your Fur Baby De- Stress with a Relaxing massage 

Massage & Groom Package 

Groom Price very's on groom 

​ When I Can’t Massage: 
Over open wounds or blisters
If the dog doesn’t want it
If Fever is present - 
Fever is Bodys way of fighting infection . Massage speeds up the Metabolism
and there could be a major healing crisis     
If on antibiotic’s for infection- 
can spike fever. always wait done with infection 
 Massage Lovers the blood pressure and when the horse or dog is in shock,

the blood pressure is already low. 
for sport horses(speed horse) Diartic Drugs also given to people.

given to sped horses also know as bleeders. 
Cancer: Why:
Over are's of encapsulated Cancer as massage could spread an Isolated condition 

End Of Life Massage or Cancer Treatment Massage: 

Must be have signed waver from  by your veterinarian

Questions to ask before going forward 

1. is the dog a good risk for treatment 

2. Will the benefits of the treatment  exceed the potential adverse side-effects of treatment in

terms of "quality of Life" issues advanced is the cancer? and will treatment provide realistic advantage for control of disease?

4. Will the outcome of the treatment meet owners  expectations in terms of dogs prologation 

and quality of life ?

5. is the own prepard to except the time,cost, and rehabilition  needs associated with treatment

Massage Helps dogs with cancer to eat better and be more may also reduce depression.

aids in sleeping,and possibly will creates a more stable immune system so the body can help fight better again the cancer. 


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