We love Riley's cut. He looks like a little prince. Thank you, as always


amazing today with Kiah!
I was very apprehensive at sending her to a new groomer, but she did an amazing job! She is so personable and great with animals. She came to my office and picked her up, which was a huge relief off of me. Her grooming job was exquisite,and even took her for a walk afterwards. I have never seen my dog so happy after coming home from spa day. Not to mention she included the cutest little bandana!
I definitely recommend her for any of your canine needs! I will never go back to a big box store again, using someone local that gets to know your pet makes all the difference.


Elizabeth (owner ) & Fred 

Fred is Supper FriendlyBut Big, He's happy to great you. all he wants is love ( a Belly rub). but can get excited. 

                                 Sit. Love. Listen: My Story
 Hello! I'm Elizabeth McNeilly, and I am the Professional behind  this wonderful operation. My right hand man is Fred, my Lab/Husky Mix  from the Humane Society. Fred is six now and I've enjoyed every  moment of it. As you can see, he's a big boy and loves company. I also  own two ferrets, Alice and Tinkerbelle -"the Girls," as I call them. My  little balls of fun and Fred are the loves of my life, as well as my Zen  Center my Horse named Spice, a half Belgian Mare. 

 I began the Idea of Paw and Pamper,L.L.C years ago when I was still in  collage for Equine Science for horse training and instructing. I just love  the way both the person and the horse get the light bulb effect when  they learn, the moment when it all comes together. I love seeing that happen, and have a strong sense of pride and accomplishment.

After a small accident and surgery that changed it all,  I decided to go learn Equine Sports Massage as I so desperately still wanted to be around animals. I found my nitch, and wow! What a perfect calling, I hold a Equine Sports massage certification.(CESMT) I went back to school for canine massage and I'am Certified Canine Sports and therapeutic massage Practitioner. (CCSMT) 

 Horses and dogs change when given massage right away, though it  may not show up immediately to the people around them. Watching  them relax, close their eyes, lean in to me and breathe - I knew this  was for me, knowing in that moment I made a difference. I knew then I  wanted to be a holistic practitioner. 
 Over the years, I have become certified all-breed Dog Groomer.(CPG) In  2015, I moved my  grooming  shop to part of my home. making it a calm space for one-on-one appointments.  Using all-natural products including aromatherapy. Having the business from home added Pet sitting and dog walking services to my venue. While I worked on Buying my current location at 3355  S Clark. 

Paws and Pamper  is certified & insured. I am a member of  multiple accredited associations, such as the IAAMB, National Dog Groomers Association, and Pet Sitters International.



My Education 


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Spice a belgien x 


  I am a proud high school graduate, from the Forman School in Litchfield, CT. My boarding school sport was Equestrian Studies. I trained under a wonderfully   talented and humble woman, Maureen Hawes. Though a family operation, I sometimes studied under James, her husband, whom both lived and studied at     one of the riding colleges in England. I am proud to have known such amazing people whom taught me to be amazing, to strive, and to remember to have       patience.

  I spent three years at Rocky Mountain College with many trainers studying Equine Science classes that included: Hunters, Colts, riding classes via Western     and English, as well as curriculum that included pre-vet courses under Dr. Ray Randall, whom has retired now. My world will be forever different. I double      majored in Art this whole time, and at the end of three years, I left that dream for surgery.

  Surgery came and went, and changed my life. I set out to do something different, a bit lighter than college for a bit and loved every moment of it. I left for      Round Hill, VA to study under Mary Schreiber,at Equissage, who developed the first certificate program in equine sports massage therapy. I graduated in 2006, and I am a CESMT.

 After my first amazing massage experience, I wanted to learn more. I just love how the animals change before you and are willing to open up. I went back for  Canine Sports Massage at Rocky Mountain School of Acupuncture and Massage, right outside Denver. At the time, they were a tiny program that made it  easier to absorb. The course then was for Canine Sports and Therapeutic Massage. In 2007, I graduated as a CCSMT. Or as most call us animal massage.  I have taken two courses from them: a canine sports two and a canine massage for the canine seniors.I have also taken  online seminars at "All about Massage " online in 2015 

In 2007, I wanted to return to Montana, though I wanted a boutique, in the venture for knowledge and in my life venture as a Sm entrepreneur. I took a  Professional All Breed Dog Grooming course from a Salon called Wizard of Paws, whom is still located there to this day in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Months  later, I am a Certified Professional All Breed Dog Groomer.(CPG) Moving my shop behind my home has been the best for my grooming - my grooming has never been  better! 
 Pet sitting and dog walking services were added in 2014.

Paws and Pamper has been in business since 2006, spending half that time in Billings, MT and the other half here in Missoula. I love the Missoula area and  so do my critters. We all hope to grow old here with Paws and Pamper, and all of you as my customers!

 Paws and Pamper is Certified, Insured,  Background checked.


About Elizabeth


I've known Elizabeth for years and when I got my puppy all most two years ago she was the only person I was going to let take care of my puppy's grooming. She always has great advise and information on the care of my dog. She just pet sat for me and did a amazing job. She went above and beyond what was asked of her and was expected, she even made sure my cat was okay the whole time even thou she wasn't asked to. My puppy was happy the whole time I was gone. Elizabeth even sent pictures of my puppy playing and never minded when I called to check in on how things were going. I couldn't of asked for a better pet sitter for my pets. I will recommend her to everyone I know for grooming and pet sitting.


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